Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gearing up for radiation

Tomorrow I have my final planning appointment before I start radiation on Monday. They'll be taking an x-ray of me and my wonderful marks to finalize my radiation program. I go for my first session on Monday and I'm worried. I'm cursed with wonderfully sensitive skin.

I've got these ticks marks all over me (see X-marks the spot post). And lucky me, I'm allergic to the henna used to help keep these marks in place throughout my treatment. So I visited the radiation technician on Wednesday to have them assess this situation. At first, we thought I might be having my typical allergic reaction to the little bits of hypoallergenic tape covering my marks. The tape was removed and the technicians darkened the tick marks but left the tape off. It's still itching, even a day later. I don't know if this is because of the new application of henna or the chapped, raised rash from before. All I do know is that they itch. Alot!

I don't want permanent tattoos so I begged for alternatives. The tech decided that since I'm going to be there every day, we'll see if I keep reacting to the henna. If I don't, great. If I do, then they'll use a sharpie marker every single day during the week to darken the marks. I'll have to be careful over the weekends when I don't have treatments so the marks don't wash off. But finally, FINALLY, I got my way in something. Take that Murphy!!

So Monday is my day. I'm really afraid of radiation. I've kinda gotten used to be being more comfortable here :) I'm not looking forward to sunburned-feeling skin but I guess a girl had to do what she's gotta do.

I'm very fond of turtle necks and crew neck sweaters right now to hide all these marks, especially the one at my neckline :)

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