Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You are too, Mom!

Kicking fanny, that is. And going with the flow, which is something all of us have to do to be able to cope with all this.

Proof? You want proof?
  • Not one, ONE, single Neulasta shot needed throughout your treatment. Your counts have been perfect every time. That's kicking butt. One cold. That's kicking butt by any definition.
  • Every single hair is still on your head. That's health baby! And enough to get a perm too? You da Bomb, MOM!
  • Eating whatever you want? I can't imagine what that's like although I am glad you're eating Clementines with me.
  • Walking the length of Montgomery Mall? Yea right, you aren't kicking butt (where's that rolly eyes icon?)
Should I go on?

Just a 1-2 more treatments and then a PET (which I KNOW will come back good) and you'll be on the maintenance chemo which is not nearly as rough or intrusive as what you're going through now. Mom, it is miracle of unimaginable proportions that there was complete resolution (quoting from your test results here) to your lymph nodes. COMPLETE RESOLUTION!!! Dr. K told me so too. I believe him - Jeez Mom, look at what he has done! His choices have been great and educated choices for both of us. You're a 5 year success story with one cancer and soon to be a many year success story with another. You're like a cat with nine lives :)

Look up, not down. Cup half full, not empty. I sucks to be going through treatment but you know what? You have armed yourself with one of the most visionary doctors possible. This is a very fluid situation that he is in tune with every moment. You couldn't ask for a better warrior on your side.

95 my dear, 95. That's what you said. I heard you and so did many other people. Remember that, make it be your mantra. Everything is going to be fine.

Love you. Chin up, please. Don't let this control you. Live each moment, enjoy each moment.

XO :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello again sweetheart!

First, congrats on your LAST chemo!!! Hallelujah!!!

Second, thank you for your wise and most helpful blog. Everything you said is true. I really have the greatest support system in the universe.

Dad is the best, most wonderful husband in the world 50 years with a fantastic man, who is also my best friend in the world. Next in line is my family, starting with you ... my rock! Our family is outstanding; then all our friends, people that Dad knows ... I could go on and on.

In spite of all that, every now and then I treat myself to about a 2 minute pity party. Feels good and gets it out of my system.

Thanks againj for the positive thoughts ... I won't forget them.

Your loving Mom.