Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not a new hair to be seen on my head

Hmm....I used to have ALOT of hair. Thick and wavy way down my back. I dealt with losing it rather well as I just let it all fall out as it wanted to. It was messy but the gradual hair loss seemed to help both Jackie and Steffie adjust to a Mommy without hair.

But, I am starting to worry. I'm doing my last chemo next Tuesday and there's not a hair to be seen on my head. I still have a few longer ones that I didn't cut but I swear, there isn't any new growth. Most people get some by now, right?

It's a worry.

I'm using Nioxin every day. Not twice but once because it's expensive.

So when can I expect to see at least some gratifying fuzz appearing on my head?

It's really hard to imagine having hair again. I hate short hair on me (Mom, I don't care that you like it - I want long hair again - not my stinking wig either). I imagine it will take the better part of 3 years to have long hair again if I never trim it. That's assuming the texture is tolerable.


Just musing...mostly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi -
I shaved my head bald for chemo, and it wasn't until two or three weeks afterward that any kind of fuzz started to grow. I think I had about 1/8" of hair six weeks after my last treatment.