Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kitty Buffet

The kitty buffet...note the trickling fountain for ambiance AND fresh kitty water...available for their enjoyment at any time...

I'm running a kitty buffet here. A high dollar one at that. The cheapest can of cat food that I buy is $1.29. Why? Because I had three cats poisoned by the pet food recall in 2007. They get the best of the best here for all their kitty days.

Maui is my only cat left of my original three that came down with food poisoning from the melamine tainted pet food. She's an old lady, surrounded by her two younger companion male cats, Clyde and O'Malley. Maui is kinda high maintenance. She's deaf and decidedly more finicky than any cat should be. Could be because she's almost 18 years old. Or simply acting like any respectable cat should?

Maui went to the vet last week for an infection and I suspect the antibiotics are making her taste buds and "smell buds" a little warped, kinda like my own. I seriously doubt she's having sympathy cardboard tastes but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

To top it all off, Clyde the ragdoll has decided he really likes Maui right now and he wants to be near her. His fat butt takes up too much of Maui's favorite spot on the back of my chair so she's all bent out of shape at him. Clyde is high maintenance too.

Drama cats. Maui is the lead drama cat.

Meet Maui, old lady extraordinaire. Highest maintenance chick in the house.

Back to the kitty buffet. I got tired of cleaning out cat bowls, trying different foods that she would eat, so I just lined them up on the floor. In my morning fog, I opened a can of food by accident, adding to the 3 cans already opened in my previous night's attempt to find something she would eat. Picky old lady that she is, I needed to actually open a 5th can of food to make her happy. After I shredded ham lunch meat for her to nibble on.

Get a grip, you say?

I'm Cat Mom to all these critters. And hermit crab mom, budgie (parakeet) mom, turtle mom too. I refuse to be fish mom because that's Bill's job. I draw the line at sticking my hand in a fish-poop filled fish tank :)

I'm cranking out articles here - 8 yesterday and at 1 today but I've researched quite a few. Had a blood draw this morning (Blood is ALL good again!!) so I'm a little behind schedule. But I'll catch up soon.

Really cold outside with beautiful frost all over the grass. Still no snow though...

Would love some snow.

Back to writing - I've entertained you with my inane doings enough!! :)


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Would love to give you some of our snow. It is pretty and if it weren't for chemo, I'd be out X-country skiing.
Kitty food really must be hard to dish out while you are doing chemo. My daughter-in-law Julia and her neighbor openned an organic dog food store to keep the doggies melamine free. (http://www.polkadotpupp.com/index.html)They just do dogs and do hold rescue group placements there occasionally.
Anyway, it is great to hear that you are cranking out the articles on top of the chemo, being a mom and menagerie keeper. Ill be doing good just to get out tonight to watch Naomi.

S. F. Heron said...

My kids are getting resigned to no snow. It's pretty sad.

Good for your daughter-in-law about that store. I know I feel, like many do, that I'd rather give my business to small entrepreneurs who can guarantee the safety of my beloved animals rather than some big company that cares nothing for the safety of the animals they feed. I hope she's successful AND that she gives everyone a real run for their money :)