Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmastime stuff


Thought I'd post a pic of my lovely ladies last night. We went to a Christmas party and all of us had a wonderful time. We got to see old friends, eat good food, and bowl for hours. I wore the evil wig again and I must say, it's still hot as blazes and feels goofy. Mom says I need to wear that thingy under it that's like a nylon cap. I don't think I'm into the cat burgler thing yet.

I'm feeling better. Had to get back onto the wagon last Thursday. My vision was cleared enough to drive. That's a rather annoying side effect. I don't feel too much fatigue now though I still drop off for these absolutely awesome naps at the blink of an eye. Slept about 5 hours straight last night. It does get annoying to see 4 a.m. roll around night after night. I was up at 6 a.m. yesterday so that was a very long day.

I've been writing at Helium alot. Chugging out the Christmas articles since those are the ones that make the most money during this time of year. This might be my very first month with enough ad clicks to generate a payout. Most of the time I sell articles to make my payout. Still waiting to hear on one article that I prepped on Thanksgiving morning. That would be a treat if it got picked. $120 for an article is a pretty good payout.

On the Christmas shopping front: I've done some on line shopping but I haven't yet ventured into the masses. I'll need to do that soon but I'm gonna limit the time I spend among the crowds. I think I'll be going in the morning, early. And I have to get all that shopping done this week since Steffie finishes school on Friday. It'll be really nice to have her around all day.

Bill now has the evil cold and he sounds terrible. He's so afraid of giving it to me he actually leaves the room that I'm in.

We have an appointment tomorrow with the radiation specialist. I sincerely hope the issue of the clean margin on the lower half of my right breast is addressed once and for all. I also need to see Dr. K about some information we are missing from Hopkins. The oncologist up there was taking a second look at my biopsy slides to also make a plan for this margin issue. Is this a case of too many cooks in the kitchen or what? It's like directing a symphony.

As you can see from the picture, the Christmas tree is still standing. The cats seem to like messing up the tree skirt. I've only found a few ornaments on the floor and it's quite debatable whether it's Jackie or the cats. The birds are getting quite sassy - banging dishes when the seed cups are empty. It's a zoo around here!

I can't get Jackie to branch away from Brenda Lee's Rocking Around the Christmas Tree or the old classic Frosty the Snowman movie. I got her the DVD set of Christmas specials and she said Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer scared her. When talking about Santa, she also told her Grammy that she "doesn't really like that guy." She's always been wary of men and just in the last year will go to Poppa, her Uncle Joey and the other men in her life. She's a cautious thing. Maybe I can get her to at least stand by Santa this year. Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph are now a big hit. She carries the pieces from her Veggie Tales nativity set around with her.

Santa does come around the neighborhood tonight. Can't wait to see what Jackie does. It's sure to be interesting. I'm definitely not telling her he's coming or she'll fuss about it all day long. Ah, the drama!

Steffie has her very first exam today. Please, anyone reading, send up a little prayer for peace and serenity for my girl. She's extremely nervous. I did remind her that her teacher isn't the evil type that wants them to fail :)

Be well and have a good day!

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Renee said...

Gorgeous girls you have!

Isn't that eye thing the pits! I went to the eye doctor the second time I had alot of eye pressure and just not being able to see clearly. He prescribed two diiferent eye drops that I use for 3 days. He also recommended that OTC tear replacement 4 times a day the rest of the time. It helps!