Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm so tired.

Science fair went off without a hitch. Stef's project turned out great, all experiments worked fine and she's happy. The hermit crabs survived the day. All is well in science land and I'm thankful she won't need to do this again for 2 years!!

Wrote my article and did my rewrite.

Thinking is requiring an extreme amount of effort. I can tell I've got chemo brain with a vengeance. I've got hold of a thought for one minute - it's gone the next. It's truly amazing. Right now it seems funny but I did feel a few moments of frustration that were almost making me tear up. It's hard to be airheaded like this.

It takes just SO much to concentrate. Maybe it'll lessen in a few days as I move further away from chemo.

Going to bed. Bless you and yours.

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