Sunday, November 9, 2008

Swelling arm culprit found


It's the leaf blower. I went out again today to do round 2 and used the leaf blower. I was swelling within a half hour, noticeably on my inner wrist. My arm got really tender. My leaf blower is a back pack and it's pretty light. I guess the repetitive motion of pressing the trigger combined with the weight of the backpack is just too much for my right side.

I love my leaf blower!!

I sure hope this clears up by next fall. It's beyond annoying not to be able to do yard work. I feel fine except for the swelling. My arm is tender to the touch, especially under the arm pit.

After I got the leaves up, I took a shower and then put Jackie in the tubby. I then sat on my bed with my right arm above my heart while she splashed and played. It made a difference. Then I went downstairs with her to watch Artistocats and elevated my arm the whole time I took a nap.

I'm calling my oncologist tomorrow to beg him to let me go to the surgeon to be drained. This is way too uncomfortable. I'll elevate it and ice it again tonight but I'm totally sick of looking at my swollen right arm. I want this feeling better by chemo on Thursday.

Jackie is feeling better - she was leaf jumping today. Steffie is way under the weather with the headache and fever at about 100. She's out of school tomorrow and Tuesday is a holiday. I'm praying she is back in school on Wednesday. We don't need to be getting behind at the very start of the new quarter.

Fun, fun, fun!

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