Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got blood...been counted

Tuesday is the BC day and it's been counted again. I'm good to go for chemo on Thursday. Steffie was with me today and got to meet the folks at the oncologists. Walter, the blood-sucking phlebotomist who's just an absolute great guy, made me cry. Just like he does every time. He handles it really well. Everything about this whole nightmare just culminates in that stinking needle sticking in my arm. Same spot every week, bruises or not. It hurts like crazy!

So we did blood and then went to McDs for some breakfast sammichs. Steffie was hungry and both her and Bill are off today for Veteran's Day. Jackie is in school so I'm gonna crack the whip on these guys :) Not really. But I have no doubt they will be in my way today.

These last 2-3 days before chemo - I cram alot of living and doing in this time. I've got to spot clean the carpets, write a bunch of articles, and finish up the laundry. Steffie has makeup work to do from missing school yesterday. The cats aren't doing much of anything except lounging in the sunshine pouring in the front storm door. I don't know how they sunbathe with all the fur.

Cat pics, you said? Sure I can do some cat pics :)

Right below is Clyde sitting like a human. What am I thinking? He spends all day trying to be human and he's succeeding. He was helping Steffie brush her teeth this morning! The right picture is Clyde sunbathing.

My old girl, Maui, taking a snooze on the back of my chair.

And handsome, "good kitty" O'Malley who just knew I was taking his picture and that he needed to be a proper gentlemen. He never acts as undignified as his hooligan brother.

We humans think we rule this roost but that's completely inaccurate. The kitties are the real bosses of the house!!

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