Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pit stops

Chemo is terribly undignified. Really, this whole breast cancer thing is undignified. Every part of a woman is attacked and bashed from toes to the top of the head. Hair gone, eyelashes thin or missing, boobs removed or cut up, nails messed up - you name it.

And then, to top it all off, we go through chemo and it just trashes our intestines. I don't have any problem with discussing bathroom issues during chemo. I'm thankful that I have the anti-nausea meds to keep me from throwing up. However, these same meds slow the intestines down to the point where nothing moves. That adds to the generally crappy feeling of chemo. Pun intended :)

So what to do? I decided last night that the bathroom must be comfortable. TP must be of the highest quality. The remaining top priority in the comfort department begins with the toilet seat. Hard toilet seats suck. Instead, squishy toilet seats are much better. Found a really good link for all kinds of decorative toilet seats. Check here for some ideas:

And here we have "cloud Soft" padded toilet seats:

I'm afraid to look at the price tag!

"Honey, what do you want for an anniversary present?"

"A padded toilet seat, please. It's my fondest wish."


A padded penguin seat - is that your thing? Not mine but it's very cute. Just for visual purposes, of course.

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