Friday, October 17, 2008

Jack Jack and Mommy

The hardest part of this whole thing has been my inability to watch my little one without some help. It's just simply not safe to take painkillers and be responsible for the well being of a 3 year old all day.

But this week has been a joy. Jackie (aka Jack Jack - remember the kid from The Incredibles?) has been home for 2 days with me and ME ONLY! I'm loving it and so is she. She's had a lot of time with just Mommy and I'm sure she misses it as much as I do.

I had grand plans with her beginning preschool this year. I thought her twice weekly schedule would leave me plenty of time for writing and chores without helpful little hands. Little did I know that breast cancer would trash my best laid plans.

Peace comes from doing normal things and taking care of Jackie is so "normal." I love it! We're watching her shows, she's playing on on her Dad's laptop, and we're occasionally dancing to the Cupid Shuffle.

It's a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
I just met you, and I glanced through a few of your posts. Oh - I so know what it's like to have all the "rare" side effects. Even now, seven months in the afterchemo, there's unpredictable weirdness. Hello, cancerworld. Stay strong,