Friday, October 24, 2008

Good things

The day after chemo 2 is decidedly better than the day after chemo 1.

Good things:
1. Mom is doing great! Her chemo was Weds and she's rocking and rolling like Wonder Woman. I need to find her WW lapel pin.

2. Got one of 2 rescued kitties neutered yesterday. My Pop captured a pregnant feral after she stashed her kittens in the storm sewer in August. Fireman got one kitty out (Buzz - who we know is a boy now). I went into the drain the same day I had my MRI (how's that for brave??) and got Laila (all black and gorgeous). My cousin is catching her for shots and fixing today.

3. Jackie gets an extra day at school this week because I'm under the weather here. She loves school!!

4. Steffie is just Steffie - the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...inside and out.

5. Katie is coming home from UMD this weekend for dinner on Sunday. First time. I'm sure TP and pillow fights will abound.

6. No headache. Quirky tummy but I took my meds. Water is my friend :)

7. My parakeets have been very noisy today. Must know that I need a pick me up or else I forgot to do something for them (possibly turning on their oldies station?)

8. BILL IS HOME WITH ME TODAY!!! The best thing - my guy is the best.

9. I'm flushed but not hot magenta (a very cool color description for 3 year olds) this time. Just a pleasant peachy color - rosy like, if you can imagine.

10. Got a funny letter from my niece who's 5. Halloween stickers and everyone's names written in just beautiful handwriting. I'm so impressed.

11. Jackie's flowers are still blooming. Her zinnias are just incredible this year. I had Stef take a vase to a neighbor yesterday. Jo helped us when we got Mom's diagnosis by whipping up a batch of lasagna that was so good and just such a help to all of us when we were reeling from Mom's issues.

12. It's a new day.

13. Got a prospective writing job lined up and an interview today. Got my list of questions and resume ready to roll. Looks promising.

14. Dr's appointment for a neulasta shot today and I'm gonna try to talk them into giving me something else to prevent the back pain.

15. Halloween is a week away! Jackie will be Scooby, Steffie is still deciding (after 2 hours in 2 different costume stores, her demands are "something cute, and something that I haven't been before.") Yea, well that is a tall order! I'm gonna slap a paper bag over her head :)

16. Eagerly waiting to hear if I've had any of my 5 fitness articles chosen for purchase. Sold 2 earlier this week. Fingers crossed. These are huge pick me ups when they happen.

17. Did I mention Bill is home today? Can you tell I'm so happy about this?

18. The deer ate my harvest mums that Bill bought me Sunday. But I had an epiphany about the mums. Next year, I'm sticking the scarecrow decoration in my mum garden to scare them away. Brilliant, right?

19. Our dear cleaning ladies came yesterday and tore through my home. This is literally the best day of every two weeks. Blanca and Danni even did my dishes and folded my white clothes in the driver - the socks and underwear stuff. I hate white clothes!! I love these girls.

20. Cats are playing, happy and healthy, and my dear old kitty Maui is still sassy as can be. Almost lost her in August when I was in the hospital for 4 days. But she's bounced back with a vengeance.

Reached 20 good things so I'm done for now. The funny part about chemo brain is that I'm sure more will occur to me immediately upon clicking the "publish post" button :)

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Renee aka Goose said...

Glad to hear that the 2nd chemo was better than the first one! Me too so far. . . keeping the fingers crossed. I had my first Neulasta yesterday and a little sore this morning. Hope your pain is minimal.

Your co-hort in cancer fighting powers,