Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kids will be kids

I have to share this story, not only because I need a break from the heaviness inside my brain, but because this truly tops what Steffie did last time when she visited the missing brain cell department.

Steffie's dear friend came home from a 6 week trip to the Philippines. Of course, as soon as the jet lag had lessened, these two monsters had to hook up. After camp, we went to get Veronica and the pure happiness radiating from these two was absolutely delightful to see.

The first plan upon hitting our house was how to prank Daddy. I stopped that in its tracks. My husband is fond of telling a story about how these girls wanted to string up a brick in our cherry tree and have it whack him in the head when he opened the mailbox. They've shaving creamed the toilet seat, propped things on the tops of doors, etc. You get the picture. These girls, together, are crazy.

So they decided to paint themselves with war paint. Stripes across the face, painted ears, etc. V was first, then Steffie, then Bean, who was so proud to be included in the fun with the girls. We've got great pictures of them.

What we didn't know is that these girls had painted themselves with nail polish, on their skin, in their ears! Steffie had her name painted in inch-wide letters on her back. Her knee was solid blue, her foot was solid purple and the nail polish wouldn't come off! Multi-colored squiggle lines running up and down legs and arms. And don't forget the ties - every one a different color!

The only remedy was simply dumping nail polish remover on the skin and scrubbing.

Much complaining ensued. I was particularly worried about V's ear because the kids painted them with nail polish inside. Yes, I said inside the ears. Not down into the canal but inside the ear shell. I cannot count how many times I wanted to slam my head against the wall.

Between these two girls, the one brain cell they have doesn't apply logic to anything. If I hadn't been so glad to see V, I would've throttled them both.

But I will give these girls credit for something. Amidst all the sadness and upset, they somehow managed to take being "normal" goofy kids to a whole new level.

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