Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am OKZay! And Snow!!

A week later, and here I am. I'm hurting still but it's the muscle healing. The incisions are starting to pinch like crazy as the healing progresses. For those of you that might be wondering how this part of reconstruction goes, I'll explain.

I had 3 types of cancer in my right boob so everything, including the nipple complex was removed. We decided on an elective left mastectomy for preventative reasons. In any event, I ended up with expanders placed under the pec muscles - the left one was punctured when my mediport was installed. Sr. S left 6 inch incisions across the middle of each breast. I assumed he would cut on the side. Nope. He just opened the existing incisions like a "zipper."

So this surgery last week involved removal of the old expanders and insertion of the new silcone implants. We decided this would be best because I didn't want to go through filling things up. Dr. S also removed a ton of scar tissue and bulk crud around there - all of it went for biopsy and all of it came back clear!

So the incisions now have stitching that will dissolve and sticky tape across the middle. This will fall off on its own as I take more showers. Just praying, praying praying! that I don't react to the tape.

Pulling open dresser drawers isn't fun. Stirring cookie dough is like pushing a shovel through cement. Over time, apparently, the pec muscle degrades and weakens. So as soon as I can, I need to start lifting 2 pound weights to strengthen the pec muscles. They aren't sagging - they're just really really weak.

I'm way tired. Anesthesia and me simply don't agree anymore. I can get about an hour of energetic effort doing something and then I run out of steam. It's getting better and I know it's only been a week.

Wanted to post some pics of the snowstorm we had last weekend. 26 inches of snow and I couldn't lift a shovel. I pushed it around instead :) Thank God for Martin-the-awesome-neighbor who plowed our driveway. Since we kept going out to work on it in stages, he really helped us out!

Hope all of you are well and happy.


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