Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bill's Grandmother

Bill's grandmother, Nanna, suffered a stroke that caused bleeding on the brain. She's in her last days now and while we're sad, we're also reluctant to demand more from a woman who's been on this earth for 96 years.

The doctor's don't expect Nanna to last much longer. Bill's Dad, Sonny, is on his way to Texas as I type this.

Since I only entered this family about 5 years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting with Nanna a few times during visits to Dallas. She might've been a little forgetful but I watched her hold her own against Bill's teasing and silliness. A beautiful lady, I visited her with Steffie during one of her hospital stays. It was the very first time my Steffie discovered the wondrous joy of listening and hearing an older person speak with both wisdom and knowledge. Nanna and Steffie hit it off instantly.

She's had a full life of wonderful kids, grandchildren and relatively good health. Please keep Sonny, Nanna, Bill and their whole family in your prayers over the next few days.

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Daria said...

96 is an amazing age ... but still very sad to say good-bye.