Friday, June 19, 2009


I lumped Steffie and Jackie into the wildlife post because they're crazy :) This was at dinner the other night. Jackie had her beautiful silver flip flops on so she asked me if she looked like a princess. Where did my grubby baby go?

Little gator in a watercourse along one of the bike paths. He didn't like me taking his picture. Right after this, he went under water so I'm lucky I even caught this pic.

Turtle!!! Love my turtles! This guy was hanging out on the rain pipe that feeds the ponds. Later on, 3 of his friends joined him in the sunshine.

Goofy bird. Funny story. These guys try to hang out around the folks fishing in the ponds. If you give them bait, they will show up at exactly the same time the next day for more. Quite a memory, even though it's driven by their stomach. Guess this is why herons come to visit my Dad's pond for days at a time.

We leave tonight. I'm bummed. We've made the executive decision that next year, vacation will be 10 days. 2 weeks is too long but 10 days sounds just right!


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

So is that a terp??

Beautiful girls. That must be the first picture you posted of them.
I'm glad you had a nice vacation and that you've survived the gators.

JD said...

Pretty pretty girls!