Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Fun

Visited Mom in the afternoon to see relatives and let the girls play. My niece is just 5 years old so Jackie loves to hang with her cousin. Like two peas in a pod.

Dad and my brother chopping up a good-sized tree limb that came down in the high wind Friday night. Gusts were about 30 mph, bringing down alot of branches. We've got some picking up to do in the yard - we'll see how I feel later.

Bill just informed me of the 162 National's baseball games that will begin tomorrow. I can see that honey do list getting longer by the minute (*wink *wink)

Have batting practice today. The girls are hitting SO well. We ran them through base running exercises yesterday. I'm thinking these "midgets" will do rather well although the guys aren't convinced completely. We need some serious game simulations and these little ladies need to stop running like chicks. Steffie pulled a quad muscle - she's the leanest and fastest. Poured it on too thick without warming up enough. Hopefully, this complaint will iron itself out in the next few days.

I have pansies to plant - gotta do that too today. I love flowers - lots of them! Jackie's seedlings are starting to sprout in Poppa's garden house. We watered and sprayed them yesterday. The petunias and Sweet Williams are doing very well.

My burns are still pulling but I have to say, the great care Aunt Chelle Chelle and Bill gave me at Mom's yesterday made quite a difference. Bill spend alot of time applying cold compresses to the sites to loosen the dried skin. I love my nurse at the rad place but the saline solution she uses to clean the burns makes me want to scream. Bill is the best nurse, besides being so handsome and all :) Chelle just kept my mind occupied with talk and holding my hand. She's cute too :) Good peeps around me.

Oh yea - gotta do the EB (Easter Bunny) stuff this week. I am, without a doubt and quite shamelessly able to say, that I put together the BEST Easter baskets known to mankind. I should do it for a living, I'm that good. My husband comes in a close second as the best egg hider, driving Steffie nuts because she never finds them all until months later. This is particularly funny when one considers we hide her eggs in the same room every year.

Jackie is mad at the Easter Bunny because she has to wait a whole week to hunt for her eggs. Jackie has alot of opinions for someone so small.

Steffie is out of school starting this Thursday for Spring Break. She'll return the week of the 20th. I also have Chrissy helping this week as I'll be keeping her occupied while her Mom is at work. Jackie loves Chrissy (who will be 13 very soon). Bill's nickname for Chrissy is Air Force One and Stef is Air Force Two. The more sensible friend, Erica, is nicknamed Ground Control because she provides a measure of common sense to the chaos. They, of course, think this is hilariously funny.

I am so praying I'll be more comfortable soon so I can enjoy springtime with my little ladies. The cherry trees are blooming and we're so lucky to have two trees in our front yard. Absolutely gorgeous with all the blooms.

Mom's got a PET scan tomorrow with results coming in as fast as possible. She'll go two chemo sessions past her very best PET and then get a break. The "nurse cat" is still annoying her and in fact, tried to help with my burn treatment session yesterday. She didn't sit on me, just walked across me :) Helpful kitties, right? Mom was exhausted yesterday. Visits and worry. So Mom, if you're reading this - GO TAKE A NAP!!!!!

Hugs to all of you!


Holly said...

wow - you sound so very energetic - i am impressed and go girl!!

Holly said...

Thanks for your message on my humble blog...wish I had started it at the beginning of this CA journey...but...the beat goes on...and so will we "warrior women"