Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kids get sick

They do. And I think one of the hardest parts of being a chemo/rad patient or a recovering one, as is the case with me, is being around the germ factories that are our kids.

Jackie was sporting a 103 degree fever yesterday. Out of the blue. Swollen neck glands too. She was lethargic and lost her appetite. Not my Jackie at all.

So here's my baby, sick and whiny and droopy. And I'm at war with myself on whether to snuggle her and comfort her as she was feeling puny. Of course, I did. I didn't really hesitate at all. But I don't want to get sick and my immunity registers at the "I suck right now" level.

Luckily, I'm not the fever type. She is though. And this morning, she's saying her nose hurts. I have never heard of such a thing. She's holding a wet paper towel to the outside of her nose. For the life of me, I just don't know what this means. It's almost funny it's so bizarre. Should I wake up Bill? I asked her if it hurts inside and she adamantly tells me no. I'll keep you posted on Jackie's nose.

Her fever is down. Tylenol suck for fever reduction but it's all she can have. We suspect my use of ibuprofen when she was a teeny baby may have caused an intussusception (fold of the intestines). So my arsenal of meds has definitely been reduced.

My kids also do the funky thing of having an alcohol smell to their breath when they are sick. It's ketones or somesuch, as explained by the Doc. A good indicator that they are sick. Like a red flag flailing in front of a bull.

If anyone has any opinions on Jackie's nose, I'm open to help with this. She definitely didn't put anything up there and she did have a runny nose yesterday.

I'm going to enter my plastic bubble now ;)


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Not sure what the paper towel does for her though the moisture from it probably cools her nose down if it feels like it is burning. Hopefully your white count has risen from all the assaults on it to fight off what she has. Hope she feels better.

JD said...

I admire your postive attitude despite all that you are going through. Motherhood can be so tiring in general, much less considering all that you have on your plate right now. You seem to definitely be one of those "glass half full" ladies. Myself, on the other hand was making a plan in my head this morning about what I would do to try to survive the flood waters that were raging below the bridge when I crossed it this morning... because you see bridges collapse on TV you know...

And not sure about that nose pain... :)

Armand said...

The outside of my nose also hurts when I've got a cold, because my skin gets hypersensitive, and blowing it just the slightest makes it super sore. Usually I smother my nose in chapstick and go around calling myself Rudolph.