Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot Magenta Part Deux

Now it's the front of boob which is sending these unbelievable shooting pains into my ribs and across the front of my chest. I had 8 directed treatments on the tumor site and boy, did they fry my chi chis crispy.

The fun part has been the skin sticking to my camis. That's been a hoot. So I glopped my silvadene creme on it and covered my poor robo tata* with gauze. Now the gauze is sticking to it. I need to make a boob tent on the front of my shirt so nothing touches my chest. Anyone got any ideas? (*term shamelessly stolen from Kathy)

We had a fun day with eggs (lots, and lots of eggs) and family time. I imagine we probably exceeded the acceptable level of jelly beans that one person should consume in a days time many, many times over. But the girlies had fun, the dogs didn't get into the chocolate, and none of us have thrown up. Easter is fun for mommy and daddy too.

I'm still waiting for the letdown - ain't seen it yet. Hoping it doesn't happen since I really want to get back on track with life as it should be. I'm sure I'll be most frustrated by fatigue but I have a plan. It's simply instituting my plan that might be a challenge. I do know from Kathy and Renee that fatigue from this can be debilitating and quite disruptive. I'm learning from what both these dear friends have gone through and taking it easy. I think the biggest detriment to a cancer patient is expecting our energy levels to be what they were before poisons and chemicals were pumped into our systems. Add being cooked like a well-done steak and it isn't a merry picture.

So where do I go from here? I'm intending to deeply investigate the dietary needs of a recovering BC patient and I'll post my findings. I'm heading first for a book written by a phenomenal lymphoma success story. This man was given 6-8 months to live and chose to evaluate every piece of information he could about diet affecting cancers. Sixteen years later, he wrote his book. For the complete life of me, I cannot remember his name. I know it's hypenated :) Chemo brain again.

I just had a little epiphany and remember the guy's name. Here's his book:

Heading to the bookstore this week to pick up a copy. I did alot of investigation when my mother was diagnosed. It's very telling that in many other countries the BC rate is so low. This has to be diet related but also the genetic effects of diet over many generations. Our crappy American diet is giving us disease after disease. It's time for me to wake up and listen. I think this book might be a good place to start the next step of this journey.

Happy Easter everyone!

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