Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jedi Knights, Darth Vader and Radiation

I decided to name the techies at radiation something special, just like I named the phlebotomists at the oncologist's office vampires.

After much debate (not really, a rad session only takes 6 minutes) I decided they are Jedis. From Star Wars. I mentioned in an earlier post that the machines in the radiation room were like a space station. It seemed appropriate.

So I have two nice Jedis that mess with me every day. It really takes longer to change and be positioned on the table from hell than it does to be zapped. With lasers (not really, but that is how I see them). I expect Darth Vader to come walking in the door any minute. Or wait a minute! Maybe Dr. A should be Darth Vader. I'll have to run that by him :)

Got another cold. Lucky me. Jackie's sick again so I didn't stand a chance. I'm watching her closely for signs of the walking pneumonia again. I'm worried but she has no rumbling in her chest. It's just been a month since she was diagnosed. Adults with walking pneumonia sometimes take a few months to recover--wonder why that's different for little kids...

I read alot of blogs each day and all of them seem way deeper than mine. I guess I'm trying to focus so much on the funnier things that happen each day. Humor has been a balm to all of us through this mess. Sometimes I do pull out the princess card and whine but I try not to do it that much. I'm chronicling events with this blog but also the very important things that my kids do that I don't want to forget. And chemo makes one SO forgetful.

It could also be because I write regular articles everyday that I tend to go out on a tangent here. That makes sense to me. Some of my freelance works include template-like, formula writing. It's not boring, jsut predictable. And my blog isn't obviously :)

Steffie's in the dog house again. Jackie was there but she's had a good week. Duke sucks. Gary Williams is THE MAN!! Obama's budget has me scared to death. I'm still looking for my bailout and dammit - I can't find it anywhere!

Done for now.


Armand said...

Yeah, currently enjoying the wonder that is a depressed immune system. Can't shake this cold off!

And chemo brain's not that bad. One moment you have a really good idea, and the next time I want it shiny, with a bell!

S. F. Heron said...