Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chemo Round 3/6 and something really funny!

I did my frantic getting my house in order yesterday with 2 kids in the way. Steffie is finally feeling better. I kept her out of school yesterday because she simply looked puny and pale. She's spent the last 2 days sleeping. This fever really whipped her butt. We got her assignments yesterday after school and she got to see her teacher. Diane is a lovely and sweet and supportive teacher for her. A big hug, an "I miss you" and it's just so wonderful to see Steffie's face light up because it's such a nurturing environment at school.

Up at 5:45 with stuff on the brain today. Maybe I subconsciously know I'll be spending the next 6 days sleeping so I'm cramming in these last few hours. My stomach is bothering me a little - probably nerves, maybe steroids. Fed the furry beasts and I'm having my tea. The house will wake up soon.

My house is in order - thank God. I think everyone crashes with me when I have chemo. Carpets spots are touched up (our carpet is really old) and it's not annoying me anymore. Found some worms yesterday for the turtle. Dusted the house since my cleaning girls won't come until next Thursday. Will run the vacuum before chemo this morning and do the birdcage later today before Jack Jack gets home from school. Laundry is done and put away!! Take a stinking picture!!!!!!!!!!!

The funny story is about Jackie. When we went to school, she visited Stef's Spanish teacher next to her homeroom. They decided to draw a giraffe on the dry erase board. (Think Melman from Madagascar) Well, Jackie decided he needed to have "pee pee parts." Thank Heavens the teacher just laughed and erased it. I explained to her that we didn't draw that stuff on pictures but I was mortified! She asked me how he was going to go to the bathroom. Argh! So we got outta there. :)

Kids are so funny. At the preschool age, bathroom doors are left open at school. I asked Jackie where she saw a boys goodies and she said at school, explained all about it, and said we need to make sure our pictures are correct. After 10 minutes of explaining that "pee pee parts" really don't need to be included on drawings, she understood that what's covered up by our clothes doesn't get put in pictures. I explained about God making all of us different and that's a thing to rejoice. We don't want to scare her but she's at the age when modesty is becoming important. This child strips to her underpants the minute she gets home from school. She hates clothes!

Love my girls. Each so individual it's just amazing. Our Katie, at University of Maryland, is playing on the MD Ladies Traveling Lacrosse Team. She's travelling to East Carolina University this weekend to play. We are so proud of her. She's really stepped up her game in the last 2 years. This team feeds to the main lacrosse team at MD if they have injuries or lose players. Kate is really conditioning herself well and seems to be the fastest on the squad. Go Kate!!!

I need to do a college care package for her :) This blog is like my reminder pad!

I landed 4 articles from my main editor last night - $100 a pop - makes me pretty happy. For and Regular writing and Helium, plus my new contracted home improvement writing and I'm buzzing here. It's all spaced out so I don't get stressed. I also started another blog which is just being designed. About Caring for Elderly Cats. Need to find those niches when writing and exploit them. Plus, I so strongly feel elderly pet care is so important. Everything changes when our 4-legged friends age.

Busy busy and sometimes, it's enough to keep my brain from worrying about being a chemo patient.

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