Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sleepy days and busy nights...

The kids keep me busy, even when I'm in chemo LaLa land. But you know what? I can feel it leaving me. I can feel my body re-energizing. Add 10 minutes to my ability to stand on my feet just about every day and I'm feeling like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound (not really!!)

I didn't do much today. Wait, I did. I sorted Jackie's summer and winter clothes and got her armoire organized with what fits her now. She's such a biggie! I do need a few things for her but for the time being, she has plenty of shirts and sweaters to wear to school. When she's here, she strips to her underpants and streaks around here like a hooligan.

Jackie is really becoming a big girl. I can actually reason with her! She had quite a day at school yesterday. Someone bumped into her on her walk and she trashed her pink sweatpants and then, she collided with someone while chasing bubbles. She now has a shiner! She'll be the first Scooby Doo who looks like he just got out of a boxing ring!

I got a royal hair up my fanny this evening over the dishwasher. Who would guess you need to clean the stinkin' things? But it needs to be done. So I scrubbed it really good, threw a cup of white vinegar in there and turned it on while it was empty. Then I tackled the fridge. Mommy out of comission for a week is way too long in this place!!

I've had radiation on my mind. My Doc wants me to schedule that appointment between my 3 and 4 chemo sessions. It's the margins again. He said if I need surgery, we need to know soon because I'll need to figure recovery time in. None of this makes sense to me except that I know I need to jump through every hoop to solve this nightmare.

I must confess that having another Doctor take a complete look at my surgical record, pathology, lab reports, Dr reports, etc., doesn't bother me one bit. All the more to make sure I'm here for my girls and Bill.

I am so praying for a clear head tomorrow. Jackie's Halloween parade is tomorrow and her party. I can't wait to see her! Joy is in everything. Really. Steffie is off school on friday so I'm just praying I'm well enough to watch my girls for a normal day.

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