Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another procedure today...

I get my mediport installed today. Oh Joy!

I really have just started feeling better, not alot better but a little. The pain is lessening, as is the swelling. Now I'm back in for the installation of my mediport which, I'm told, will increase my swelling and discomfort. Hence the "oh Joy!" comment.

I haven't been too happy lately but I guess being sad about all this is normal. It's too easy to say it's an emotional roller coaster. It isn't. I'm sadder at night than during the day and that's probably because I'm tired. I don't sleep really well when I feel perfectly fine.

I told Jackie last night about my hair falling out. She was distressed but not overly so. She wanted to know why the medicine would make it happen and who would be giving me the medicine. I imagine in her fertile little mind that she thinks she can keep me away from the doctors and then my hair won't fall out. She also checked with Daddy to make sure he wasn't the one giving me the medicine.

Jackie also made sure my hair would come back. Since she likes to fiddle with it, we devised a plan that she could play with Sissy's hair and her own. But not Daddy's since his hair is too short!

Both my angels are at school today. That makes this mediport installation easier since I'll be getting out before they finish school. I imagine I'll be really sleepy from the general anesthesia. But they can snuggle and watch a movie with me. Thankfully, it's a slow week at Steffie's school because it's back to school night tonight and an Archdiocese day off on Friday. Less homework = less work for me.

Jackie seems to be adjusting to school but she's telling me now that she'll miss me. I think she's worried so I need to approach this carefully to pick her brain. Steffie is so good at compartmentalizing things that school is a great escape for her. I really like her homeroom teacher. She's supportive and firm at the same time and seems to be a good shoulder for Steffie to lean on when she needs it. My girl is bringing home some serious good grades right now. I'm incredibly proud of her. She's a rock, my Steffie, and so good at listening even at her tender age of 11. She wants to climb into my head over everything and I tend to let her, within reason.

This post is all over the place. Must be because I'm tired.

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