Thursday, August 7, 2008


There's a lot of waiting. Waiting for the next appointment, waiting for a day to pass, waiting to see if I can handle a full day alone with my breast cancer so my husband can get some work done. Waiting...

I'm waiting right now to see when my surgery will be scheduled. I was supposed to hear yesterday but didn't. So I think I've leave a message so I have some clue what's going on. I feel very strongly about having this operation done and being home for my girls before they start school on September 2. Mom told me to be a little bit firm about it. Funny part of all this was that when I scheduled all of Mom's initial surgeries, I was loaded for bear and telling them to schedule it all when we wanted. Not so this time.

Jackie goes to her very first day of preschool that day. I'm excited for her. Since her preschool is on a horse farm, she'll be hiking and playing outside so much that she needs a good pair of rain boots and a pair of slippers for when she comes inside. That's a pretty easy order to fill.

Steffie is a little different. Since she's in Catholic School, she wears uniforms. This year, we needed a whole new set. We'll have to have those fitted, which is a hassle so I might need someone to track down her uniforms while I'm in the hospital. The funny part about a uniform kids as that she still wants to "get ready" for school. I love it cause I don't have to buy clothes. She loves it cause she gets new school supplies, new underthings, socks, nighties, shoes. I always try to make an appropriate big deal of it all so she doesn't feel left out of the "back to school" chaos.

Kate is heading to college so what she needs is different than the two younger girls. I'm really thankful that we bought the biggest duffel bag ever made by LL Bean and a rolling trunk and stuffed it full of school necessities for a graduation present. But again, I want to have all of her things accounted for and to make sure that's she's happy with her things for her dorm room.

Just Mom stuff, I guess, but very important to me.

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