Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to weigh in on the Miley Cyrus pictures

Yea, Hannah Montana. I know, she's so "tween" but I have a tween so I need to be aware of what her favorite celebs are doing.

You see, I'm cursed with being an avid follower of TMZ and Perezhilton - two celeb-doings blogs that pretty much cover every antic performed by the famous. So I know these antics before my tweenie does. It's up to me to clean up the explanations when she comes to me with, "Jamie Lynn is pregnant."

Yes, these things are a fact of life. But it's my choice to explain procreation to my child, and all the intricate details, on my terms - not on Britney's little sister's terms. It's annoying. Yes, she made a mistake and she's making the right choice in having her baby. But I don't like that her actions are being glorified as acceptable to young minds. She's still an underage mother, albeit a rich one - that definitely changes the equation.

Back to Miley Cyrus. Here we have a "Christian" girl posing in sexy photos that are being posted all over MySpace. I've heard a bundle of excuses - one of which "she's just discovering her sexuality." Wow, that's funny because racy pics don't compute with said Christian upbringing. This child, and she is a child, has professed to being very concerned with being a good role model for her fans. She's starting to fail miserably.

Miley needs some parental control and quick. She's not only making a spectacle of herself but is failing miserably in the backpedaling she's now trying to do with the Annie Leibovitz photos in Vanity Fair. How can she profess to be outraged at the sexy images when one week previous she was posting suggestive pictures on the web, for free? Hello! It doesn't compute.

I'm not knocking teen discovery but in this day and age of the Internet, these young stars need to exercise some serious judgment. And if they can't do that, then their parents must keep track of their actions. It's like latch-key Internet kids lacking appropriate supervision.

And that's what it is - Miley needs some serious supervision.

Her life is under a microscope and I'm sure that's hard. However, she (and her family) chose that life. With it comes a responsibility for appropriate behavior. She's still a kid, still underage, and still making horrible choices - which is a typical kid thing to do.

Hello Miley's parents? Wake up and take care of your kid. Before she ends up like another Britney or Lindsay.

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