Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Teen beating

It's come down to kids beating others to have a video to post on MySpace or YouTube.

We can say "what is the world coming to?" but instead, we should be saying "what have WE done to contribute to this?"

Check out this article for the full story:


Kids today test limits in ways we never would have considered when we were young. You see, all those people that just say kids are acting out the same way are wrong. We fought because we were mad. Not for entertainment. We didn't set up "lookouts" to prevent getting caught. That's premeditation. We didn't hold a video camera in our hands, urging the escalation of a beating that never should have happened in the first place.

Kids today have an avenue for broadcasting their brutality, sexuality, and personality from east to west on the internet. Privacy means nothing. Integrity means nothing. And parents walk with their children right into this trap of more high speed stimulation for kids who really just need to slow their lives down.

Parents need to quit blaming everyone else for their kid's problems and own up to the fact that they are the parents. It is NOT the responsibility of the school to socialize your kid - it's YOURS! When they screw up, you are responsible for dealing out discipline to correct the behavior. I promise it won't ruin your little darling.

This video sums it all up. It's the ultimate example of the indulgence of today's kids. Those that think it's perfectly alright to violate the rights of another person just to get their kicks.


It's time for parents to start being accountable. It's time for parents to start teaching their kids about accountability. The really horrifying thought is that these are the very kids who will be our doctors, lawyers, state representatives, senators, and congressman in just 15 short years.

Learn it.
Teach it.
Live it.

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